Project name:

As I Was Saying

Project description:

asiwassayingsiloTruth be told, people are everyday quietly looking for ways to simplify and de-stress their lives. At the same time, by their daily choices, they are unwittingly adding more and more complexity to these same lives. The problem is we don’t often ask ourselves the right questions as we proceed on our daily journey. Asking the right questions, however, takes time and moments of reflection and those are two things of which we increasingly seem to have less and less. It’s a true “catch twenty-two”, “damned if I do and damned if I don’t”. As I Was Saying…. is a ten minute a day rest-stop that allows you to consider some of the significant societal questions of our time and ponder a couple questions that may assist you in altering your thinking and behavior, and in the process, help you unclutter your life and refresh your spirit.