Project name:

The Temagami Factor

Project description:

Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Blackhawk, a professional environmentalist and proud descendent of the native American tribe of Algonquins, stands ankle deep in the frigid water of his beloved Lake Temagami searching for signs of life. Although its water seems clear and unspoiled and one could still peer down to a depth of six feet, now there is practically nothing left to see. The truth soon becomes evident: the lake is dying.

Blackhawk’s determination to save Temagami sends him to conference tables in Sweden, law courts in the US and ultimately to the bedroom in a torrid affair with an environmentalist like himself, who is also the young Swedish mistress of wealthy mine owner, Jonas Harding, his congressional foe. Blackhawk’s heroic quest for salvaging nature’s resources brings him to grips with his own inner struggle to preserve The Beautiful and The Good in every aspect of his life, regardless of the cost.

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