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The Poisoned Book

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Bart Conners, private investigator, needs a change from his seedy profession, but his latest case gives him more change than he bargains for. In order to protect his client and help her trace her family roots across three continents, he must first come to terms with his own personal shortcomings and the heritage of his early ancestors. Before he is through, he will have to outwit blackmailers and thugs, confront grave robbers, and heal a broken family, all the while trying to reconcile ancient myth with current reality. The journey spans history from ancient Babylon, through the California gold rush to modern day Ireland. This well-researched novel unearths the true stories behind many biblical references and the history of a legendary Celtic queen. If you miss Spencer or Jesse Stone, then Bart Connors, who is born of that great hard-boiled detective tradition, should happily help you fill that void.

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