Raymond C. Shea

Author | Adventure, Truth and Fiction.

The Winds of Change

After ten years of inaction, it will be too late to turn back the ticking clock. And in less than a hundred years, the end will come. The fate of […]

A Stranger in the Mist

A Stranger in the Mist is a story that portrays the frantic lifestyle of those preparing for Christmas in a small town. To those who inhabit the town, the required […]

Sharna’s Dream

Imagine a world in which the outcome of war can be controlled by people’s thought patterns. Or where such patterns can control violence and depression. Or hope and despair. Sharna’s […]

An Innocence Lost

Birr Lore: Growing Up in the 1950’s Many who have lived through the 1950s refer to it as one of America’s “Golden Eras”, similar to the “Roaring Twenties”. Both decades began shortly […]

As I Was Saying

Truth be told, people are everyday quietly looking for ways to simplify and de-stress their lives. At the same time, by their daily choices, they are unwittingly adding more and […]

The Poisoned Book

Bart Conners, private investigator, needs a change from his seedy profession, but his latest case gives him more change than he bargains for. In order to protect his client and […]

Lost and Found

Tough, but charming Bart Conners seeks justice for his clients, all the while trying to make sense of life’s foibles in general and his own dysfunctional life in particular. Conners […]

Park Avenue Stories

Every city has its trendy or bohemian districts. New York City has Soho and the Village, San Francisco has Haight-Ashbury and Hayes Valley and Boston has Back Bay and Cambridge. […]

The Temagami Factor

Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Blackhawk, a professional environmentalist and proud descendent of the native American tribe of Algonquins, stands ankle deep in the frigid water of his beloved Lake Temagami searching for […]