Raymond C. Shea

Author | Adventure, Truth and Fiction.

A Silent Lament

There it was. We all know the scene, the one where the new kid steps up onto the school bus and all the other students imperceptibly scoot over in their […]

Hold Your Horses

Bart Conners is back on another case. Again, this investigation leads him to Ireland where he attempts to regain ownership of a racehorse for a client who has lost the […]

Robbery And Ruins

Private investigator Bart Conners is back on the case again, this time fighting the Irish mob in Boston while also trying to save a young woman from her vengeful grandfather. […]

Muskrats Fresh Daily

In the genre of John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charlie, this book is a philosophical journey down the East Coast of America. Sometimes a drive is more than just a vacation or […]

The Old Soul

Aaron Stafford always felt as if he had been here before. He lived a quiet life in a family home fronting the Sussex River. With his menagerie of birds, squirrels, […]

The Winds of Change

After ten years of inaction, it will be too late to turn back the ticking clock. And in less than a hundred years, the end will come. The fate of […]

A Stranger in the Mist

A Stranger in the Mist is a story that portrays the frantic lifestyle of those preparing for Christmas in a small town. To those who inhabit the town, the required […]

Sharna’s Dream

Imagine a world in which the outcome of war can be controlled by people’s thought patterns. Or where such patterns can control violence and depression. Or hope and despair. Sharna’s […]

An Innocence Lost

Birr Lore: Growing Up in the 1950’s Many who have lived through the 1950s refer to it as one of America’s “Golden Eras”, similar to the “Roaring Twenties”. Both decades began shortly […]

As I Was Saying

Truth be told, people are everyday quietly looking for ways to simplify and de-stress their lives. At the same time, by their daily choices, they are unwittingly adding more and […]