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Many people define themselves by their jobs. When we meet someone new we often ask, “So what do you do?” As if being an accountant or a lawyer or an Indian chief tells us much of anything about the person’s core. Instead of “what do you do?”, shouldn’t we be asking “what do you care about?”
Raymond C. Shea

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Escape from Freedom

A panel of scholars was recently asked what qualities make America great. All but one of the scholars proclaimed that, among other things, America is great because it was founded […]

You Are What You Read

Everyone’s heard the phrase “You are what you eat”. As they try to combat cancer, obesity and stress, many people have come to believe that the foods that they put […]

Ethnocentricity and Wolf Blitzer

Every nation and culture tends to be more or less ethnocentric. That’s only natural because of the shared values, mores, and customs of its citizenry. Call it national pride; and […]

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